Samantha is a broadcaster, influential blogger, corporate host and motivational speaker.

Samantha has been a journalist for more than 20 years covering the 9/11 terror attacks, July 7th bombings and Soham murders while at the BBC.

During her 10 years presenting at Sky News Samantha anchored coverage of some of the biggest stories of the decade including the deaths of Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, the murder of British MP Jo Cox, the EU referendum, the last 2 general elections and the terror attacks in Tunisia and Brussels. Samantha is now regularly asked to speak at City firms, schools and motivational events about her career, juggling work and motherhood and the challenges for women along the way.

Samantha’s lively and engaging presentation skills make her a very popular choice for corporate hosting and motivational speaking. Samantha has hosted events such as a conference in Barcelona for Hewlett Packards’s top 100 sales staff from around the world, and has spoken at Deloitte in Norway about the EU referendum.

Samantha has also been invited to speak at Law firms such as Bird and Bird about her career, the challenges of juggling work and motherhood and how to stay motivated when you’re climbing the career ladder.

Samantha’s blog about parenting and issues around women in the work place have gained a huge following are often featured in the national press. She is also a contributor to the Huffington Post website.
Samantha is also asked regularly to appear on daily TV and radio programmes to comment on parenting and women’s issues.

Samantha Simmonds’ showreel

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Nanny nightmare

I’ve spent the weekend feeling anxious, nauseous even, with butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat! What did she think of us? Should I text her to say we liked her? Ok just one text! Why hasn’t she responded? Should I call? Ok just one call…I’ll leave a message. Why hasn’t she called back? Perhaps she didn’t like us? Finally even though I knew – I knew I shouldn’t..…I sent one last text practically begging her to text me back. All of this angst and stress – over what is beginning to feel like a never ending quest to find a nanny! I’ve begun to feel like a teenager with a first crush, desperate to try and play it cool but failing miserably, even though I know chasing someone is definitely THE wrong thing to do.

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Parenting – “Help!!”

The pre-bedtime talk once again turns to burglars and my son Zevi’s chocolate brown eyes fill with fear.  For a second, I forget and get ready to roll out my well-worn response.  ‘Don’t be silly. There are no burglars. You’re safe here. Now go to sleep and don’t worry.’  And then I remember. 

Taking a deep, calm breath, I tenderly stroke his forehead and ask my scared 5 year-old what he would do if a burglar broke in.  ‘I’d punch him in the tummy hard,’ he says. ‘Then I’d shout at him and tell him to go away.’ ‘And then what would happen?’ 

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Pink Rules

As the countdown to my daughters 3rd birthday begins several weeks before the big day, there’s been an undeniable upsurge in her “requests” for gifts…but not just any presents. Everything she wants – and she has a pretty long list…is pink.

My daughter is out and proud – she loves, loves, loves, pink. She would live in a rose tinted world of pink if she could. It doesn’t matter which shade, bubblegum, baby, shocking, hot – she’s not fussy – as long as it’s pink! Oh and dolls – dolls are pretty high up on the list as well, Baby Born, Barbie, My Baby Annabelle, Tiny tears, Dolls World – you get the idea. read more…