Samantha is an award winning broadcaster, influential blogger, corporate host and motivational speaker.

Samantha has been a journalist and broadcaster for more than 20 years – she is currently presenting on BBC World News.

She presented on Sky News for more than a decade anchoring coverage of some of the biggest stories of recent years.  These included the murder of British MP Jo Cox, the EU referendum, several general elections and the terror attacks in Tunisia and Brussels. She also broke the news of the sudden deaths of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Heath Ledger.

Samantha regularly speaks at City firms, schools and motivational events about a range of subjects including her career, juggling work and motherhood, fake news and the EU referendum / Brexit.

Samantha’s lively and engaging presentation skills make her a very popular choice for hosting corporate events and awards ceremonies. Samantha has hosted conferences for the Government alongside the Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State Liam Fox, Sainsbury’s, Hewlett Packard, Deloitte and the Police Federation.

Her blog about parenting and issues around women in the work place has gained a huge following. She often writes for the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Huffington Post.

Samantha is passionate about her charity commitments and supports various causes by regularly hosting fund raising events.  She has interviewed various high profile individuals including Martin Lewis – Money Saving Expert, Ross Kemp, Ed Balls and Ocado CEO Tim Steiner. She is also a mentor for under privileged teenagers interested in a career in the media.

Samantha was the recipient the 2017 international All Ladies League Women of Excellence award presented in the House of Lords by Baroness Hussein-Ece and Baroness Jenkins.

Samantha Simmonds’ showreel

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Brotherly ” Love all”

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