I recently rediscovered the feeling of excitement and anticipation that I last experienced in my teenage years, as I looked forward to seeing my latest crush, in concert.  It was long forgotten and kind of unexpected  – as opposed to being Adam Ant, Duran Duran or George Michael in his day – to give you a clue the object of my enthusiasm was pink – no not the pop star; the pig, Peppa that is.

My two older boys had enjoyed watching Peppa on TV to an extent, however my daughter’s love of the feline swine is on an entirely different level.  At 2 years old it is fair to say she is completely obsessed by all things Peppa,  watching her on TV and online over all others and favouring her on every conceivable type of merchandising from pyjamas, stickers and kitchen utensils.

So when the opportunity presented itself to actually meet Peppa in real life and see her and her lovely family, live on stage I jumped at the chance, as if I’d just seen a muddy puddle.  As the day approached, and the “number of sleeps to go” declined, my 2 year old daughter’s enthusiasm became infectious and I was almost as excited as she, if only for her to stop asking “how long ‘til we see Peppa?”.  My only concern was could the experience actually live up to her expectations.

We arrived early in order to absorb the atmosphere and inevitably pick up a bit more merchandise.  Sitting in the darkened auditorium moments before the curtain rose my worry that she’d be disappointed or unable to sit through the entire show were unwarranted.  She was captivated from the first to the last Oink. It’s no mean feat to keep the rapt attention of hundreds of over excited toddlers for a 2 act show – but Peppa Pig’s Surprise managed to do just that in spades. It’s sure to be an experience she won’t be forgetting in a hurry and one I loved sharing with her.

The tour continues at peppapiglive.com until the end of this year!

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