Today, I’m in the Daily Mail, where I’m testing a range of sunglasses for the paper.

As a mother of three children under eight, sunglasses have to be my most important accessory. Not only do they work wonders in hiding the tired eyes and dark circles that come from a run of broken nights (my two year-old daughter still hasn’t got the hang of sleeping through) but in the mayhem of the early morning rush, who has time to slap on the make-up when there’s three little ones to feed, dress and get out of the door?

They are my go-to camouflage; the one trusty item of glamour that can get me turning up at the school gate looking half-way decent without the other mums gossiping about how different I look without layers of make-up on the telly. But with two boys who love to sit on them and a toddler who insists on using them for dress-up, it’s no surprise that every year I find myself scanning the shops for yet another new pair.

I always try to go for something different, whether it’s a new shape or colour, and will try on dozens in the mirror before inevitably choosing the same boring style as the one crunched or bent out of my shape in my kitchen bin: square, big, black. Think Jackie O. This summer, however, I am determined to break out of my sunglasses rut and find a pair that can I hide behind and make a style statement in and I was thrilled when the Mail asked me to test sunglasses for them.

What do you think of the pairs I tested for the Daily Mail? Click to read the article in full, and leave a comment below and let me know, and I hope you like the behind the scenes images.

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