purple dressWhen you’re a working mum, fitting in exercise is really difficult. But now my oldest two are back at school and nursery, and I finally have a new nanny for the baby, I am back on the wagon and determined to get into a regular routine.

Like it or not, the reality is that most of us on screen will inevitably feel a pressure to look good. Anyone comparing men and women on TV will see that, fair or not – there are far higher expectations of women in the looks and weight department!

So with that in mind, and a New Year having begun, I want to establish a routine I can continue around work. Like many mums I have to fit exercise and ‘me time’ in around the kids. I really enjoy classes as I don’t have to ‘think’ too much about what I’m doing – I just have to follow the instructor – and somehow that feels like more gain admittedly with just as much pain!

I’m aiming for two Body Combat sessions a week as I really love the high impact and fast tempo – the louder and faster the better as far I’m concerned. I’m also going to try and do a few personal training sessions. My personal trainer gets me boxing which is a great fat burner and, he tells me, continues to work long after my session.

If I can get to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, I will be really proud of myself and be full of motivation and energy. And of course, there’s always the sauna and cup of green tea to look forward to afterwards.

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