Happy New Year! I hope this email finds you well and that you had a restful and fun Christmas break.

2018 really went out with a bang! I had such fun interviewing Rob Rinder aka Judge Rinder for the JW3 Gala dinner, discussing his journey from barrister to TV reality star and his recent appearance on the BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. I also had the pleasure of chatting to Barry Humphries / Dame Edna Everage – at 84 years old – as funny, witty and charming as ever! 

Behind the scenes at the BBC…

The casket of former President George HW Bush
The casket of former President George HW Bush

Breaking News: I’m often asked how I deal with breaking news stories live on air. It’s a key test of skill for any presenter. When a story breaks I need to be able to listen to what the producer and director are saying, read the breaking news information from the news agencies and also do a search for as much information as I can about the story – all at the same time and all live on air.  I was preparing to go on air at 6am when the news broke of the death of former President George HW Bush.  I had to quickly write down all of the facts I already knew about him and search online to fill in what I didn’t know to make sure I put relevant and interesting questions to interviewees. I was on air for 4 hours non stop, reporting the breaking news and reflecting on the former President’s life, achievements and legacy.  It was challenging and intense – but the adrenalin always gets you through!

Samantha interviewing Princess Diana's former bodyguard Ken Wharfe and Royal Correspondent Rob Jobson.

To mark the 70th birthday of Prince Charles I hosted an ‘ in conversation’ evening for the London Press Club interviewing Royal Correspondent Rob Jobson and Princess Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe. They both had fascinating insights into the royal family, including the time Prince Harry, aged 9, wandered off on his own for a walk down Kensington High Street!

Samantha interviewing HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker

Interviewing HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker for a Business Breakfast was a definite highlight of the month. With his global perspective on China, US Trade Wars and how Brexit will affect the UK as a financial centre – it was a fascinating morning.

Samantha with S Club 7 pop star Rachel Stevens

It was great chatting to former S Club 7 pop star Rachel Stevens for our podcast ‘It’s a Grown Up Life’

Here’s  a taster of what she had to say:

Q What pressure did you feel under being in S Club 7 and being so young ..did you feel exploited in any way?  
A: No we weren’t exploited..we were very protected and micromanaged – they wanted it to be a certain way – it taught me a strong work ethic.
Q: Was turning 40 a big deal?
A: Yes and no, in the last 2 years I’ve grown so much…I feel like I know what I want, that I’m more confident than I ever was…I’m much more grounded ..I feel really grown up! 
Q: Is there anything you find particularly hard about being a grown up?
A: Being a parent is one of the most challenges things you can do…it’s that pressure of wanting to be the best parent.

You can listen to the full interview here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7097355-ep-11-former-s-club-7-star-rachel-stevens-on-turning-40-and-trying-to-be-less-of-a-perfectionist

That’s it for this month. I look forward to updating you again in a few weeks. Bye for now!


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