JW3 Gala Dinner (C) Blake Ezra Photography Ltd.

My kids need an outlet for their seemingly in-exhaustive supply of energy! I know many parents feel the same. In Winter it often feels like we’re couped up all weekend with the boys especially having no way to vent their exuberance  – which is why we bundle them out to the park or to play football with their teams when they can. But as Darcey Bussell told me-schools really do need to be doing more to make sure our kids our active and healthy.

When I interviewed Darcey for JW3 – she told me how important she believes it is for kids to get a minimum of 4 hours exercise a week. It doesn’t sound like a lot and I know my kids who are still in primary school get at least that amount including during playtime and after school activities. But as they get older I see the problem only gets worse – as they become more screen dependent and less interested in physical activity. Incorporating more exercise into the school curriculum could only be a good idea – making our kids fitter, healthier and hopefully happier!

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