Our great ski gamble!

Our great ski gamble!

Three small children and a skiing trip – it’s not quite the recipe for a relaxing family getaway, is it? My husband Philip and I learned to ski as teenagers and always wished we had started when we were younger, because we were awestruck by the fearlessness of tiny...

The Pink Tax

   So it turns out it costs almost £30,000 more to raise a girl than a boy. This latest research from Moneysupermarket will shock absolutely no one with boys and girls in their family. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually far more than that in the...

No accounting for taste!

Hallelujah! I’m not to blame for the fussy eating habits of my 8 year old son. Oh no wait a minute -I am. What? So scientists have just discovered a child’s fussy eating habits are largely down to who they are and their genetics. I’ve often asked myself over the past...
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