The Home Secretary Theresa May and I recently met at the Emunah charity gala dinner at the Camden Roundhouse. I presented the appeal, followed by a video “every child counts” which highlighted just some of the amazing work Emunah does every day – helping thousands of disadvantaged women and children.

Theresa May spoke movingly about how the charity is turning around so many lives. She said “There is one aspect of British Emunah that particularly struck me – and that is how it first started in 1933 as a group of women volunteers helping children facing persecution in Europe… not just because of the altruism of those women but because the plight of refugees is very much on our minds.”
Of course Theresa May is well known for her spectacular choice of footwear. I told her that I have a pair of leopard print shoes which I often wear to work and without fail one of my colleagues will point them out as a pair the home Secretary might wear. So they have now officially become known as my “Theresa shoes”.
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